Book Review: Warcross by Marie Lu

Well, that was an interesting ending.

Marie Lu writes movie books. They’re fast, addictive, and fairly short. Warcross was a very Marie Lu book. I read it quickly and had trouble putting it down. It was very enjoyable.

Right off the bat, I’ll warn you that I am not a video game person. I think I played Just Dance a few times when I was little. That’s it. So the video game elements did not appeal to me. And almost all the book is video game elements. Whoops. Whenever the characters were playing Warcross, I just didn’t feel like there were real stakes. (I know. I’m secretly a grandma.)

But! There were elements I really liked! I SHIPPED Emika and Hideo. I lived for their interactions. Without a doubt, Marie Lu can write characters with chemistry (see June/Day, Adelina/Magiano) and aaaaaggghhhh Emika and Hideo!

And I really liked the technology in the world and the questions that come up because of it. Marie Lu tackles whether the ability to make the world a safer place justifies invading people’s privacy and the impact that technology has in our lives and it felt so relevant. She really made it a debate with no black-and-white answers and I can’t wait to see where she goes with this.

And UGGGGHHHHHHHH! That ENDING! I have so many questions that I need answers to. Is Zero lying about his identity? Is Zero a good guy? And, most importantly, will my ship sail? (If you want me to get more specific and spoiler-y, check out the spoiler tags on my Goodreads review.)

Ugh, Marie Lu. Why must you leave me with all these questions?

Overall, Warcross is a page-turner that will probably be flawless for somebody who loves (*cough* cares) about video games, but is still a fun (and surprisingly thoughtful) ride for everyone else.

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