Bookaholics Anonymous

Hi, my name is Leonora (hi, Leonora), and I am a bookaholic.

What brings this on?

It might be this beauty.


This is the 10th Anniversary special edition of The Name of the Wind. In my defence, I have borrowed this book from the library, read it, loved it, borrowed it again, and all that jazz. In my not defence, this book cost me fifty-two dollars.

Heh. Heh.


What makes this even more ridiculous is that I could have just gotten this in mass market paperback (CAD $13.50) or trade paperback (CAD $25.00), but, no, I went for the FIFTY-FOUR DOLLAR EDITION.

But look how pretty it is next to these flowers.IMG_20171010_165427_288.jpg

So, in honour of this wonderfully sensible purchase, I’m going to go over book purchases I didn’t really need, but, like, I needed them. Maybe not in the special edition hardcover, but I kind of did.

1. The illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Fun fact: I own four copies of this book. My excuses are as follows:

  • one is in English
  • one is in Spanish
  • one is in French
  • one has pretty pictures

Friendlepants, I own more copies of Philosopher’s Stone than some people own books. Why? Well, what if I want to read it in all the languages I speak plus with pictures? This is a normal thing to want to do, right? Own copies of the same book in multiple languages?

And this experience taught me a lesson. Pick a language. Stick to it.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go buy the French edition of Six of Crows.

2. I bought the 10th Anniversary edition of the Lies of Locke Lamora. What is it with me an anniversary editions? (It’s because they’re pretty.) Unlike The Name of the Wind, I had never actually read TLoLL when I decided to buy the 10th Anniversary edition. I had no clue whether I was going to like it. (Spoiler: it’s one of my favourite books of all time now.) So, naturally, when presented with the choice between the 10th Anniversary edition and the normal trade paperback that was half the price, I went with the anniversary edition. (And, unlike TNotW, this one didn’t have, like, any extra content! It was just prettier!)

There’s another issue with 10th Anniversary (or 25th or whatever) anniversary editions. I don’t know about you, but I like to have all of the books in the series match on my shelves. And 10th Anniversary editions are usually just for the first book! So now, my collection of TLoLL is uneven and none of this would have happened if I’d just bought the paperback.

Which is why I later bought another anniversary edition. Go Leo. Humans have survived because they learn from their mistakes and change their behavior.

3. I bought all of the A Darker Shade of Magic series in hardcover even though 2/3 of the series was in paperback. To be fair, two of the books were from Book Outlet and cost me less than one paperback in total. (Two books! Less than twenty dollars!) But the other I ordered from Amazon and, to prevent me from just going out and buying another copy of the book (Surprise! She has no self-control!), I ordered it with one-day shipping. I spent fourty something dollars on one book. *applause*

Why do I have this obsession with having hardcovers? It happened when I bought the Penguin Drop Caps edition of The Shadow of the Wind (a book which, a year later, I have yet to read) because GOD FORBID I buy a paperback and the cover gets folded. (This happens a lot. My backpack likes to eat books to torture me.

And then I’ll do the same for books I know I’m probably going to hate (hem, hem, Roseblood). I’ll look at a book, read the description, read the reviews, think you just don’t look like my cup of tea, and then go out and buy the book anyway because, hey, what if I’m wrong? (I have yet to be wrong. They’re always terrible.)

This is why I think we are in dire need of a Bookaholics Anonymous: a safe space for bookworms to get together and discuss their debilitating need for more books.

Maybe we could all meet in a bookstore.


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