Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’m Thankful For

First: THANKSGIVING BELONGS IN OCTOBER. It is currently snowing where I live, which means it is Christmastime, not Thanksgivingtime, because Thanksgivingtime is for when there are colourful leaves and things, not when everything is sparkly and snowy.

Now that I have done my patriotic duty, let’s talk books.

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This week’s tag is books I’m thankful for, because Americans think that “national” means “everyone ever” and I’M SORRY I’M CANADIAN WE HAVE A NATIONAL INFERIORITY COMPLEX.

I am so thankful for The Lies of Locke Lamora because every once and a while I forget just how much I can fall in love with a book. I read a lot of good books, but sometimes I start wondering if I’ve read so many books that I can’t get obsessed about one anymore. Locke Lamora and his wonderful gang of terrible people came to me at just the right time to remind me that reading is awesome and shouldn’t feel like a chore, ever.

I am also grateful for the Buffy comic books for getting me through some serious Buffy withdrawal in April. I started watching Buffy. I fell in love with Buffy. I marathoned Buffy. And then Buffy was over. I realize I should have seen this coming, since Buffy LITERALLY ENDED WHEN I WAS THREE, but I was seriously unsure how I was going to survive without Buffy and Willow and Giles and Spike and Xander and Angel and Anya and Sunnydale. So I bought ebooks of the first few Season 8 comic books.

(Side note: do not buy comic books as ebooks when the only thing you have to read them on is your phone. It is not a good idea. I really should have gone to an actual comic store, but I’m kind of afraid of comic stores because I worry they will be full of people, probably male, who actually know stuff about comics and are judging me for my lack of knowledge.)

I am grateful for Now I Rise, the second book in the And I Darken series by Kiersten White because I loved And I Darken and was very stressed that the sequel would not live up to it, but IT DID, and now all I need to be stressed about is Bright We Burn, because I DO NOT SEE HOW KIERSTEN WHITE CAN END THIS SERIES WITH JUST ONE MORE BOOK. (Still praying she pulls a George R.R. Martin and just keeps stretching the series out. But still releases books on time.)

I am grateful for Fangirl for making me feel less stressed out about the idea of going to university next year. If Cath can make it though, so can I.

I’m also grateful for The Wizard of Oz for being six-year-old me’s favourite book and giving her a strong female character to look up to before she was even aware that strong female characters were something that wasn’t that common.

I’m so grateful for Harry Potter. Hermione made me feel like it was okay to love to read when I was feeling really ostracized for that as a kid. When I read the Harry Potter books, I not only saw myself in Hermione, I decided I wanted to embrace the part of me that was like her and I genuinely do not know where I would be today if not for her and those books.

But I’m grateful for all books. They’ve been my portals and my shelters. They’ve taught me and comforted me and made me laugh and made me cry, and teachers always get really impressed when they realize just how much I read.

What books are you grateful for? What things are you grateful for in general? And do you agree that Americans have the wrong Thanksgiving? (They do, by the way.)


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’m Thankful For

  1. This is a great post! There are so many bookish reasons for why I’m thankful. I have been meaning to get to The Lies of Locke Lamora – it’s up there on my series must-reads. So many books!!! So little time!!!


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