Book Review: Roar by Cora Carmack

1/5 stars

Yeah, no. In some ways, this is a case of “not for me”. But… There’s so much more. I deserve a medal for actually finishing this.

Where do I start?

1. It’s boring. Seriously. There is literally no plot. It’s just Aurora going on a road trip, avoiding all the bits that would have made the road trip interesting, and falling in luuuuuurve. Where is the plot? WHERE IS THE PLOT? There wasn’t even any action at the end. I got to the last page and was so surprised… because literally nothing had happened that felt like the climax. Were we just supposed to read for the romance? Because…

2. The romance. Do you know what? I can actually really enjoy a steamy romance-driven fantasy. (See: A Court of Mist and Fury. It’s such a guilty pleasure.) But, I’ll be honest, they’re few and far between. And this is not one. The relationship between Aurora and Locke was just painful. They fell in love literally because they’re both gorgeous and spent the rest of the book saying that there was something different and speshul about each other because the power of boners is stronger than the power of bland personalities. They had a bit of chemistry, but not a lot and any vaguely hot moment they had was ruined by Locke saying something creepy and possessive. (“I’m the only person who’s ever kissed you, so you’re mine.” Ew, no.) I’ll pass for watching Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir skate Moulin Rouge for the umpteenth time.

Image result for tessa virtue scott moir moulin rouge gifImage result for tessa virtue scott moir moulin rouge gif






You’re welcome.

3. I’d address another aspect of this book but OH WAIT THERE ISN’T ONE. It’s literally just the weirdass creepy romance. Nothing else.

As someone who loves to write and hopes someday to be published, I feel bad completely trashing a book like this, but I honestly can’t think of anything that elevates this book beyond a waste of a perfectly good tree. So, yeah. The characters have all the appeal of beige paint. At best, the romance was boring, at worst it was highkey problematic. And the plot literally didn’t exist. The only positive is that I got this from the library, so at least I didn’t throw away my money to read it.

(edit: I actually ended up doing a whole rant about the type of problematic relationships there were in this book and how they seem to crop up a lot in YA. You can find it here.)


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