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High school. It’s great, isn’t it? (Cue the uproarious laughter.) Hormones making you do stupid things, classes you can’t remember why you’re taking (why did I put myself in Advanced Functions?), and somehow nobody has broken out into song and dance AT ANY POINT SO FAR? High School Musical lied to me, my friends.

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Lies. All lies. (So far. There are three months left. I’m holding out hope.)

But at least they inspire fun books tags! Thank you to Alienor @ Meet the Book World for tagging me. Her post is here, so be sure to check that out. And the tag was created by Namitha @ TeenMemoir and Jasmine @ How Useful It Is, so be sure to give their blogs a gander as well. Ready?

A+ On The Test!

What book or character made you smile?

28763485Everything about The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon was absolutely adorable. Natasha! Daniel! The Korean karaoke! Reading it made my heart glow like I was a character on Jane the Virgin.




Sports Team

A fictional family you want to be part of

30025336Wow. There really aren’t that many alive families in fiction. And when they are alive, they tend to be the worst. But the Soria family from All the Crooked Saints was so beautiful and loving (plus they can perform magical miracles), that I couldn’t help wanting to be a part of it.




Class President

A book that tries to make a difference

25812109I’m not sure what kind of Student Body Presidents you guys had, but they definitely were cooler than mine. (Not to say anything against my presidents. There’s just a difference between organizing a movie night and making a difference.) But I think that The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis makes a difference. It’s a hard-hitting look at rape culture and what it’s like to be a girl that really rang true for me. It’s a difficult book to read, but it’s an important one too.


High School Sweetheart

A book character you have a crush on

20300225James Mycroft from Every Breath by Ellie Marney. He’s British, he’s a know-it-all, he’s a mini Sherlock, but he’s also so brave and loyal and his feeeeeeelings and that’s it, I’m done, take me, I’m yours.




Prom Night

A book with a beautiful cover

34275232This question know what I really look for in a book. There are so many, but a recent love is The Hazel Wood. It’s so intricate and whimsical and dark and beautiful and okay you can hear me drooling through your screen.




Spring Break

A book you can always turn to when you need an escape

25883848The Hating Game. It’s fast, it’s fluffy, and, best of all, none of the characters are in mortal peril, which most of my favourite books put their characters in. Perfect de-stresser.




School Lunch

Book characters you want to have lunch with

23437156It would be awesome to have lunch with the Dregs. Come on. They’re just such a great team. Kaz would find some cool location that’s barely this side of sketchy, Inej would be the best for sorting out all your teenage angst with, Jesper would always have a fun idea for what to do after school, Matthias would have all his homework done so you could sneakily copy off him, Wylan would give great hugs, and Nina, naturally, would bring everybody waffles.


Halloween Party

A character you would like to be for one day

22055262It would be awesome to be Lila Bard from V.E. Schwab’s Shades of Magic series for a day. She’s super badass, knows what she wants and goes after it, and also happens to become a pirate. Hell yes.




School Bully

A villain you want to go to school with

10194157Once again, I have no clue what your high schools are like to make you want to go to school with the bullies, but alright, I’ll play ball. And, really, was there ever going to be an answer that wasn’t The Darkling? I know, I know, this is my second Leigh Bardugo book on this list, but I can’t help it. She sure can write a sexy villain.




A book with a bittersweet conclusion

2213661Oh boy. Graduation. It looms on the horizon and I’m still over here hiding going pshaw, ’tis not a real thing. Cause, as terrible as high school can be, what the frickity frack am I actually going to do with myself once it’s over. But I’m getting off topic. If I think of a book that perfectly captures the uncertainty and excitement and sadness and, yes, bittersweetness that I’m sure I’m going to feel, it’s The Graveyard Book. “It’s a kids’ book!” they said. “It’s a fun story about a boy raised by ghosts!” they said. No. No. It’s so beautiful and transcendant and the ending is just the perfect mix of hope and sadness and JUST READ IT AND BE HAPPY BUT ALSO SO SAD OH MY GOD IT’S SO GOOD.

Passing Notes

Tagging other people

Okay, so I changed the title of this category to make it fit more, but it was boring old “I tag…” before and I am being creative, folks.

THE RULES are as follows

a) Thou shalt recognize and thank the creators. (Namitha @ TeenMemoir and Jasmine @ How Useful It Is, in case you’ve forgotten.)

b) Thou shalt answer the questions. (With pictures, if thou so wish.)

c) Thou shalt tag about 5 more people. (Unless thou art a small blog who does not have a lot of mutuals, in which case thou shalt tag, like, two.)


Iris @ Hoard of Books

Zoe @ Stories On Stage

You, if this tag sounds like it would be fun for you!

What were/are your favourite parts of high school? What characters would you put in these categories? And did anybody at your school ever break out into song and dance à la High School Musical?


4 thoughts on “The High School Book Tag

  1. Thanks for tagging me! It looks like a fun tag!

    I’m actually homeschooled, so I don’t really have favourite parts of high school. Although my only real experience with a school setting was the local school musical, so people actually did burst out into song and dance a lot 😆


    • I wish my school did a musical! Unfortunately, none of the drama kids are good singers and the drama and music departments have some *real-life drama* between them, so that isn’t likely to happen any time soon.

      Liked by 1 person

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