Top Ten Thursday: Books I Think My Brother Should Read

I’m sorry! I’m sorry! It’s not Tuesday, but at least the alliteration is still there! (Although I’m actually writing this on Wednesday, but deal with it.) My life has just been very interesting over the past weekend (which is usually when I write by TTT posts), so I’ve been behind. (I swear, I’m living in a teen comedy right now. It’s something.)

But better late than never. Top Ten Tuesday is hosted at That Artsy Reader Girl, and this week we were given a freebie prompt. As in, do whatever you like. And when I read that, I just kind of sat back and went:

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Because I knew, I KNEW that I was going to have a super hard time thinking up a topic. And I was right! I did! Until I was talking to my little brother about books and trying to get him to read more of them.

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(Accurate representation of my brother and I. Despite being the older one, I am somehow the snarky, lazy one and he’s the one who’s athletic and tall and not cynical. I don’t know how this happened.)

ANYWAY, in addition to yelling into his face what books he should read, I’m going to yell them at the interwebs too. Who knows? Maybe you, too, have a dumb annoying brother who you need to read more books because talking with him is the best and this is useful for you, too. I’m just going to write about each book like I’m pitching it to him. All the covers are the covers of the editions we have in our house, because I’m hoping he’ll actually follow my advice and go read them.

Hey, dipshit. 22693897You know how you’re always making dumb jokes? Well, why haven’t you read a Douglas Adams book yet? It’s literally your sense of humour. Everything is random and weird and hilarious and somehow also political commentary. You’d love it. I’ve literally got one book with all the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy novels bound up in my room. Borrow it and laugh, you little punk.


27190613When you’re done that, read And I Darken by Kiersten White. You know how you loved alternate history in Soldier Girls? Yeah? Yeah? Well, there are other kinds of alternate history, too. This one’s about Vlad the Impaler. Vlad the Impaler. Read it and thank me, stupid-face.



10584180Also, you know how you hate yourself and enjoy reading World War One-set novels that rip out your heart, set it on fire, and leave it for dead in No-Man’s-Land? Boy, have I got a book for you. It’s called The Wars, it’s by Timothy Findley. It’s by a Canadian about a Canadian and, hey, guess what! You’re Canadian too! And it will make you cry. And, yes, I know you cry. I saw you crying at the end of The Book Thief. You will cry again. And you’ll like it, goddammit. (TW: rape)


30736870Also, you know how you think you’re a little shit who can outsmart everyone else? Do you know who actually is a little shit who can outsmart everyone else? Locke Lamora is, dumbass. He’s like you, but better, because I’m not related to him. So read the book about him. It’s even got his name in the title, so it shouldn’t be hard to remember.


3581And you know how you like Sherlock? And we can both agree that season four was a travesty which Moffat and Gatiss should apologize to humanity for? Well, do you know who didn’t make a dumb season four? Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He’s got books on books of Sherlock-y awesomeness, and, yes Sherlock Holmes the book character speaks exactly like Sherlock Holmes the Benedict Cumberbatch character does. Thank me later.


16130Other things I know you love are Hamilton, history, and being a know-it-all. So why not combine them and finally read the book that started it all: Ron Chernow’s Hamilton. Now, you know that, unlike you, books don’t tend to make me cry. But hear this, brother mine: I cried! I cried at the end of this book! And it’s a nonfiction book! Brother mine, that should tell you something.



26200563And, once you’re done that, I literally own the Hamiltome! I own it! It’s in my room! Why haven’t you picked it up? Ugh.




13418329Next, another hilarious book in the vein of Douglas Adams: Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens. Remember that short play I wrote and directed and you dutifully loved? Remember all those times we’ve made jokes about angels and demons that would probably get us burned at the stake at medieval times? Imagine all of that, but a full book of it. It’s got the end of the world. It’s got the Antichrist. (Which, surprisingly, is not you.) Also, David Tennant is going to be in the TV adaptation, and we both know that David Tennant is a gift to mankind.

29780253Now, I know this is nine, not ten, but that doesn’t matter. And, in fact, I’m not going to end with me offering to lend you an excellent book. (Or excellent books. And you should take me up on all those offers.) Actually, I’m going to… ask you to lend me a book? Could I please borrow your copy of Born A Crime by Trevor Noah? You’ve talked a lot about it and it sounds really good and you made me watch a bunch of his standup and it was hilarious, so… could I? Thanks.


Do you have a sibling? Are they a reader? Do you wish they would be? What book do you keep on pushing on them but they just won’t read?


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Thursday: Books I Think My Brother Should Read

  1. I have a younger brother and he almost never reads. It’s so annoying! And it seems sort of dumb to me, because he WRITES, but he refuses to read… And then he asks why I don’t like his books, and I’m like “Oh I don’t know, because you haven’t read a book in two years, and therefore don’t have the slightest clue what makes a good book.” but he still refuses to read.

    I pretty much just try to push books at him in general. I don’t care what, just something. Usually it’s whatever middle grade book I read last, and enjoyed, because he hates ‘Death Books’ aka any book where characters other than the villain die. (His comments on the books I read are pretty hilarious actually… They usually involve dark predictions that everyone is going to die, questions on whether everyone died, or comments about how I like books where everyone dies. Even when I’m reading a light fluffy contemporary for goodness sakes!)

    Mostly I’m trying to get him to read my favourites from when I was younger… (The ones that aren’t too dark at least) such as The Mysterious Benedict Society, Tuesdays at the Castle, and anything by Andrew Clements.
    The problem is, even when I was younger the books I read were at least sort of dark… Or they weren’t particularly high quality.

    I really loved this post!

    And wow, this comment is long… Ranting to my brother about the fact that he never reads doesn’t work, so instead I rant about it to anyone else who will listen… sorry!

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    • I feel you. Not the younger brother writing, but the younger brother who won’t read everything I throw at him. Like, how dare he? I have excellent taste. And literally whenever he finally does read something I recommended, he loves it. So why is he still sleeping on all my other book recs? Luckily, he has no problem with books where everyone dies. One of his favourite books is literally All Quiet On the Western Front (because it’s about the First World War, and he’s a WWI history buff). But he’s always like “yeah, that sounds cool” and then just DOESN’T READ IT! So who am I supposed to wail about books to? (The internet, I guess.)

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  2. Eeep now I NEED to read And I Darken. It’s been years since I last read a Kiersten White book!

    I have a sibling, too–a younger brother who does not read. He’s tried before, but his attention span calls for online games and chatting. Pfffft. He’s missing out. D:

    – Aimee @ Aimee, Always


    • Absolutely! Why it is that younger siblings don’t realize that, as older sibling, we’re super knowledgeable and right about literally everything? *shakes head*



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