Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Frequently Used Words In YA Book Titles

If you haven’t noticed, I mostly read YA fantasy. And there are almost waves of types of titles. For example, it feels like everything right now is The Something of Things and Whatsit. But there are definitely words that crop up time and again. So let’s do this.

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl, so you should definitely go check that out.

I’m just going to put all the words I see too much in my Goodreads list here:

blood, blade, black, bone, crown, dark/darker/darkest, daughter, empire/empress, every, girl/girls, heart, king, kingdom, last, night, red, rose, star, throne, war, wild

Need a book title? Now you’ve got a good base! How about Black Bone Blade of BloodDarkest Kingdom In The NightLast Wild GirlRoseheart ThroneEvery Daughter of the Empress Crowned In Stars and Wild War? Hey, publishers? You should hire me.

Do you have any #excellenttitles? What words show up way too much on your bookshelves? What is the best title you’ve ever seen?


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