So Buffy Is Getting A Sequel

If you’ve been here for a while, you might be aware of my undying obsession with Buffy. Yes, I was three when the last season aired. Yes, most of the actors are old enough to be my parents. Yes, apparently Joss Whedon isn’t the greatest. Yes, this is supposed to be a book blog and this whole article is going to be about a TV show. I don’t care. I love it. You should love it too.

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So when I heard there was going to be a sequel series, I was understandably excited. And kind of worried. For every Star Trek: The Next Generation, there’s a Star Wars prequel series. Sequels are hard to do, especially for something as iconic as Buffy. There’s so much to balance. Who is it for? What should it be?

I have made a list of demands suggestions for this new series, just in case anyone working on it is searching the internet for advice. You know. As they would.

Make it stand on its own

Most kids my age (teenagers) have – tragically – never watched Buffy. (A moment of silence for their fates.) But Buffy is made for them, and any sequel that wants to capture the spirit of the original should be as well. That means that someone who has never watched the original Buffy should be able to fall in love with this new show without needing any sort of recap or primer. Don’t bring it back to Sunnydale. By all means, give the old guard a few cameos or side roles, but nothing that would make new fans feel left out or confused. And, for the love of God, don’t try to resolve Spike versus Angel. Give us new characters with new dynamics at the centre of the story. New friends, new triumphs, new losses. Something that looks to the future by building on the past.

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Make it diverse

This looks like it’s already happening. It’s already been reported that the new Slayer is going to be black. The showrunner is a half-Ghanian woman. I hope we can have a badass character who’s maybe a little on the curvier side. A non-straight relationship that doesn’t fit the Bury Your Gays trope. After the events of season seven, there’s no limit on who we could see as a Slayer. A Trans slayer? A Muslim slayer?

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De-canonize the comic books

Yes, I’ve read a few of the comic books, but I’m sure a lot of people haven’t. And, folks, they get weird. Like, Spike-goes-to-space weird. People now know about vampires. Harmony has a reality TV show. This would be so hard to info-dump at the beginning of a TV show. Therefore, it should go. Sorry, comics writers. It’s just too weird.

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Make it hopeful

Sometimes it feels like we’re all stuck in season seven right now. We’re facing this incredibly depressing evil that seems impossible to stop, and fighting sometimes seems like it does nothing. But we can’t give up. We need to keep fighting. Buffy got dark. The show got very dark. But even in those darkest places, there was always the same thread of hope running through the show, even if it was very faint. There was always a way to defeat the evil, and you might lose a lot along the way, but it was never over until it was over. So give us a sequel with darkness and hope. We need it.

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And a musical episode, please

If we’re going to see Buffy done once more, with feeling, it only seems right.

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How do you feel about the idea of a Buffy sequel? Have you watched Buffy? Go watch Buffy. Then come back. We have much flailing to do.



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