October Wrap-Up

Wow, it feels like it’s been more than a month since I last wrote one of these. How’s life?

My Life

So, I finished my last midterm yesterday. The entire month has been lots and lots of sitting in rooms trying desperately to remember things I forgot as soon as I entered the room and hoping my bullshit isn’t too obvious. I also got very angry about the Kavanaugh hearing, but, then again, who didn’t?

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Guess who hasn’t been reading? Me. It’s me. I read a grand total of three books in October and one was a re-read. On the plus side, though, all three of them were really good, so that’s nice. I didn’t remember much about Vicious going in, but it was super awesome. Love me some morally questionable anti-heroes and V.E. Schwab delivered. Then I read Vengeful which had some A+ angry female characters killing a bunch of old men that thought they were weak and it was exactly what I needed to read. Then I finally read Alias Grace after seeing the absolutely brilliant CBC/Netflix miniseries a few months ago. I highly recommend both. They have so much relevant stuff to say and the book’s writing and the miniseries’ acting are both phenomenal.


I think I just need to remove this section.

TV and Movies

In terms of movies, I watched The Hate U Give, which is a really good movie, although I did think there was more narration than needed. Amandla Sternberg was brilliant in it and there were a few moments that weren’t in the book that were just so powerful and impactful. (As well as plenty of powerful moments from the book, of course.)

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I started watching Parks and Recreation and re-watching Doctor Who because I just needed some laughter and optimism in my life. I’m re-watching the earlier seasons of New Who and remembering how much I love David Tennant.

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Yes, Ten, yes you are. I’m also slowly getting to know the newest Doctor. It’s going to take a while for me to fully adjust to her, but I’m really liking her so far.

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I also started watching Killing Eve (but I’m not done yet, so don’t spoil me!) and really enjoying it. I am weirdly rooting for a psychopathic assassin. This is normal.

Finally, I also binge-watched Chilling Adventures of Sabrina the weekend before Halloween and what. an. AESTHETIC. It’s so creepy and awesome. I want the next season yesterday.

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On the horizon

Honestly, I’m just going to take life as it comes. Maybe I’ll read ten books. Maybe I’ll read no books. That being said, I bought more books in October. (Why? Why?) So you might see me reading The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle or Muse of Nightmares sometime soon. Even though I still have tons of books I bought in September that I haven’t read.

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How’s your October been? Any good books? TV shows? Movies? Have you seen The Hate U Give yet?


4 thoughts on “October Wrap-Up

  1. Ahhhh I read Vengeful in October too, and it was just SO GOOD, right????? I loved it so much!! And the badass female characters were definitely a huge plus.

    And I watched The Hate U Give a few weeks ago, and I was just blown away. It was such a powerful, important movie, and just WOW.


    • Oh my god, all my Venegeful ladies gave me liiiiiiiifffffe! There just aren’t enough female antiheroes in general and I am so grateful to V. E. Schwab for DELIVERING.

      I adored THUG. The scene where Starr confronted her white friend with a hairbrush shook me to the core and I loved the addition of the moment with Sekani at the end. And that ICONIC speech at the protest was everything I wanted it to be.

      On Tue, Nov 6, 2018 at 11:35 PM Death By A Thousand Paper Cuts wrote:


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